Toff London Watches

Toff London is a family company based in one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world, London. After more than 50 years of watchmaking experience, we were inspired to bring you watches that are truly your own, hand assembled in our workshop with passion and attention to detail.


How to change a watch strap

Maybe you’re in need of a quick style change but don’t want to buy a whole new watch. Read our handy guide on how to swap out your watch strap for an instant style upgrade.

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Pride flags and what they represent

The rainbow Pride flag is a recognisable symbol of unity for the LGBT+ community. But do you know what it means, along with the many other flags you might see at a Pride event?

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How to take care of your new watch

Read our helpful guide on how to take care of your new watch so it lasts you years of enjoyment. Learn everything from how to change a battery to cleaning and what to avoid.

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Why Toff London?