Top 10 watches for animal lovers

animal watches

If you’re searching for the ideal gift for a birthday, anniversary or engagement, then you’ve come to the right place. Our cute collections of animal-themed watches are an animal lover’s dream come true. From bunnies to birds, here are our top watches for animal lovers.

1. For the bird lover -  Robin watch

robin bird watch

A constant visitor of British gardens, the Robin redbreast is a well-known character who is loved by all and spotted by many. This elegant Robin Bird Watch features a charming illustration of the friendly Robin as the centre of its dial. Its black leather strap complements the white face. It makes the perfect accessory for any occasion and an ideal gift for any bird lover.

2. For the pug lover -  Pug closeup watch

pug closeup watch

Put your paws together for our lovable Pug watch. Whether you’re a Pug owner or just barking mad for the breed, the Pug Head Dog Watch has got you covered. Featuring the iconic breed as the main attraction of its dial, this lovable character has even got its tongue out ready to give you a big kiss. This super cute design showcases a durable rose gold mesh interchangeable strap that you can easily change to suit your style. Stand out from the crowd with this watch, just like those cheeky pugs. 

3. For the Border Collie lover -  Border Collie closeup watch

border collie closeup watch

Are you or is someone you know crazy about collies? Our black Border Collie watch makes an excellent gift for any dog lover. This sophisticated design features a leather black strap and a silver case. The dial design presents a face that’s familiar to any Collie fan - an adorable illustration of a faithful Border Collie. 

4. For the cat lover - Beige Tabby cat watch

tabby cat watch

We haven’t forgotten about the cat lovers out there. This cute Black and White Cat watch makes a loveable gift for any cat owner. Fabulously feline, this watch has a black leather strap and a gold case. The adorable dial design features a delicately illustrated portrait of a mischievous cat. Durable and stylish, it will complete any cat lover's collection.

5. For the elephant lover - Sunset Safari Elephants watch

sunset safari elephants watch

This fantastic dial design has been created with the utmost precision. The Sunset Safari Elephants watch features an amazing safari sunset scene of a herd of three elephants. It’s a great way to celebrate your love for these majestic creatures in style. The gold mesh strap complements its silver case and it’s bound to turn heads wherever you go.

6. For the insect lover - Dragonfly watch


dragonfly watch

This mesmerising dragonfly watch is perfect for the insect lover. Enhance your wrist with this durable watch that looks and feels cute. Its white face sports an adorable illustration of a dragonfly mid-flight. It’s enough to make any nature lover hoppy. 

7. For the horse lover - Brown Arabian Horse watch

horse watch

What do you buy a horse rider who has it all? A horse watch. This is the ultimate gift that will brighten up a horse lovers day. Now you can show off your love for the magnificent animal to your family and friends. The Brown Arabian Horse Head Watch has a detailed hand-drawn design of a horse with its mane blowing in the wind. Its leather strap is durable and stylish. It’s the perfect accessory for your summer wardrobe.

8. For the insect lover - Bee watch

bee watch
We've had the birds, now it's time for the bees. Bees are certainly making their way into the world of fashion. Our Honey Bee Watch is the ideal gift for that friend who's buzzing about bees. It doesn't matter if they're an actual beekeeper or in love with the insects. The vibrant colours of this watch will brighten up their wardrobe just in time for summer.


9. For the teddy bear dog lover - Cockapoo watch

 A cockapoo pup looks so fluffy and teddy-bear-like, they're almost unreal! Carry this adorable pup with you everywhere you go, with this must-have cockapoo watch.

cockapoo watch

10. For the sausage dog lover - Dachshund dog watch

How can you not love these adorable sausage dogs? A Dachshund is a loyal companion, and will follow you around everywhere. Make sure they stay with you in the form of a Dachshund watch - wear it on your wrist, and show your furry friend how special they are to you.

dachshund watch

There you have it, whether you’re obsessed with cats or a dedicated dog-lover, celebrate your love with our animal watches here. If you want to treat that special someone even more, you can get your Toff London watch engraved with a special message for an extra personal touch. Each design is fully customisable, from strap styles to dial colours. All of our Toff London watches are specially hand-illustrated in our London workshop, designed by us and loved by you.

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