Watch User Manual

So you’re now the proud owner of a new Toff London watch - congratulations! 

We’ve created a handy manual to help you care for your Toff London watch in the right way.

Download the user manual here

In our Toff London watch user manual you will find information on the following: 

  1. About Toff London
  2. How to set the time and display 
  3. How to change/remove an easy release strap for the 38mm watch
  4. How to care for your Toff London watch
  5. Our contact details
  6. Warranty information
  7. Personalisation terms and conditions

All of this can be found in our Toff London watch user manual hereFeel free to save the pdf so you can return back to it whenever you may need to.

We also offer a German version of the Toff London user manual, avaliable here.

For more information on Toff London, you can check out our Frequently asked questions page here.