About Us

Toff London is a family company based in one of the most beautiful capital cities of the world, London. With over 50 years of watchmaking experience, we realised the need for a truly customisable timepiece.

Choose from one of our pre-set designed dials and you will receive a hand-assembled bespoke watch. Our objective is to provide a focal point for every style, so the dial is the centre of attention of this great looking watch. Wear your hobbies on your wrist to spark a conversation or show your Pride everywhere you go. A Toff London watch is a perfect treat for yourself or as a gift for a special someone.

Our Watches

Our bespoke watch comes in two sizes - a larger, 42mm case, usually the more popular choice for men, and a slightly smaller case, at 38mm, tending to be a favourite with ladies. The 42mm watch comes in either silver or gold, with matching stainless steel bracelets or a choice between a black or a brown leather strap. The smaller 38mm dial comes in a choice of three colours for the head casing; silver, gold, and rose gold. With the easy release strap pin you can choose as many different straps as you want to suit your style. 


Toff London officially launched in October 2020 with a range of in-house designed dials. In January 2021 we launched case back engraving, with the option to add a personal message to any watch and make it unique. We are excited to soon be bringing you the next phase: the option to send in your own dial image and create a truly personalised watch to your liking. If you have an idea for a dial or group order we would love to hear from you, so do not hesitate to Contact us.

A note to our customers: We can not print anything that infringes on other companies' trademarks and licences. We will not print anything offensive, rude, or discriminating. Any order that breaches this, at our discretion will be refused and your money returned to you.